Trend of research related to hash functions

April 20, 2005
CRYPTREC Cryptographic Technique Monitoring Subcommittee

The collision of hash functions SHA-0, RIPEMD, MD4, MD5, and HAVAL-128 was discovered in August last year. Further, it was reported, in February this year, that there is a possibility of new attack of the hash function SHA-1. However, since most of its technical details have not been made public, the validity has not been confirmed yet. The Cryptographic Technique Monitoring Subcommittee will give special attention to the new information about SHA-1, and verify the validity of estimation about the computational complexity necessary for the success of attack. Based on this result, we will evaluate and report the security of hash functions enumerated in the e-Government Recommended Ciphers List.

As shown in the Note of the e-Government Recommended Ciphers List , CRYPTREC recommends hash functions with a hash value of 256 bits or more to construct a new e-Government system.
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