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The MIC and the METI are evaluating the cryptographic technology used in e-Government through the CRYPTREC activity, and decided upon “The list of ciphers that should be referred to in the procurement for the e-Government system (CRYPTREC Ciphers List)” as a revision of “e-Government Recommended Ciphers List” (February 20, 2003 official announcement).
CRYPTREC Ciphers List consists of “e-Government Recommended Ciphers List”, “Candidate Recommended Ciphers List” and “Monitored Ciphers List”.
In “Management Standards for Information Security Measures for the Central Government Computer Systems (April 2012)” (April 26th, 2012, Information Security Policy Council), is referenced as below. The new “e-Government Recommended Ciphers List” is referred to for the information system procurement in the governmental organizations.

Management Standards for Information Security Measures for the Central Government Computer Systems (Extract)
The head of information security officers must specify the algorithms and operational methods for encryption and electronic signatures for their government agencies including the following items.
(i) If possible, use the algorithm on the “e-Government Recommended Ciphers List”
(ii) Use algorithms on the “e-Government Recommended Ciphers List” when newly implementing an information system, or introducing encryption or electronic signature at an update. If enabling a selection from multiple algorithms for encryption or electronic signatures, include at least one from the “e-Government Recommended Ciphers List.”
(iii) Examine the necessity of an emergency response plan in the case of an algorithm compromise. Define an emergency response plan if it is deemed necessary.

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